AFC Training and Rental Fleet


All aircraft hourly prices are ‘wet rate.’

N181TT C-172F 
$110 Hr-
Our newest addition. 145HP, Dual Comm, Dual VOR, ADSB-Out. Useful load: 884 lbs

N5690T, C-172E 
$110 Hr
NEW to the AFC Fleet, N5690T is a real classic, a joy to fly and a great time-builder. Collins Nav-Com, VOR, iFly GPS.

N733TK, C-172N 
$110 Hr
NEW Avidyne 440
, dual VOR, ADSB IN & OUT. TK is a beautiful aircraft, a smooth flyer and a favorite of our instructors and pilots. (IFR)

N6654H, C172M 
$110 Hr
N6654H – Get there quick with 180HP! New Garmin 430W, dual VORs. (IFR)

N80764, C-172M
$110 Hr
N80764 – a beautiful aircraft and a smooth flyer, Garmin Aera GPS, ADSB IN & OUT.

N533SJ, C-172N 
$110 Hr
N533SJ – A workhorse of the fleet with Garmin 430W, dual VORs and long range tanks. (IFR)

N3045X, C-150F
$90 Hr
 Useful load: 509 lbs-a great and economical flyer. New radio, transponder AI and DG!  ADSB-IN/OUT, a rarity in a trainer at this price!

N3770, Bellanca Decathlon
$155 Hr
Aerobatic training and tail-wheel endorsements at AFC! Contact our office or
Joe Bertapelle:

Touch Trainer VX BATD
$60 Hr
FAA certified BATD – 2.5 hours toward Private Pilot, 10 hours toward your Instrument Rating, as well as instrument currency. Multiple panel options.

N757UT, C-152 
$90 Hr
N757UT – another of our primary trainers. Simple and easy to fly, UT will let you get your license at a great price.

N789PS, Piper LSA
$100 Hr
N789PS – our Light Sport-a beautiful flyer with advanced avionics. The LS License is a quicker path to the sky.

N214LF, CH 2000 
$100 Hr
N214LF – a great primary and IFR trainer. New Avidyne and ASPEN avionics, dual VOR. Surprisingly roomy for a two-seater! (IFR)

N9730Q, Beech Sierra
$160 Hr
Our complex aircraft. Perfect choice for cross country flights with the family or to get your commercial license. New Avidyne and ASPEN avionics. Useful load 980 lbs. (IFR)


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