A 30-minute flight with one of our instructors, and you'll be at the controls for most of it! You'll also receive a First Flight Certificate and starter logbook.


Up to three passengers, depending on weight.
In-flight photos are encouraged!

Longer flights available upon request

  • 30 Minute Flight: $111.59

  • 1 Hour Flight: $179.78

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Discovery Flights

FAA certified BATD – 2.5 hours toward Private Pilot, 10 hours toward your Instrument Rating, as well as instrument currency. Provides multiple panel options.
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Touch Trainer VX BATD

Flight simulator - VX BATD:
**Available with an instructor or during office hours only**

Our FTS TouchTrainer is an FAA approved high-performance BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device). The BATD flight simulator is complete with all software, physical controls, and all five screens: three screens are utilized for visual and two for instrumentation. The BATD flight simulator allows you to maintain situational awareness without obstructing your outside view. This simulator is the perfect alternative for bad weather and a great tool to help you practice tricky maneuvers is a safe environment. 

The FTS simulator is equipped to allow you to practice emergency training, mission rehearsal, and procedure training, which will increase flight proficiency before you even step foot in your plane! Additional features include 125 individual aircraft, avionics, autopilot and systems combinations, which allows all performances practiced to be directly transferred to your desired aircraft.


Price and Features